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Michael Donald Nicolson

I have three children with my wife Jean Marilyn Nicolson Michael Donald John Nicolson, Louise Caroline Nicolson and Fiona Jean Nicolson.

Always the extrovert Michael Nicolson known as Don or rockyboy2 loves to sing and dance and has tried to learn to play the guitar. He loves making videos and showing off, his great sense of humour and kind caring nature make Michael Nicolson very popular at events and group gatherings.  A Gemini he is always the centre of attention but inside is a very private person, although he wears his heart on his sleeve he has very few close friends. Now retired he spends his time building websites and writing. like all Gemini's he likes do do ten things at once. In the summer he will be in his garden enjoying the sunshine and tending his plants along with working on new oil paintings, although he uses acrylic he prefers to paint in oils, the traditional way on canvas. A lover of whisky he drinks too much as his long suffering wife Jean Nicolson knows only too well.

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