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I love Goth culture and Images

The vampire has existed for centuries many say Vlad the impaler was the first vampire.

Vlad III, known as Vlad the Impaler or Vlad Dracula, was voivode of Wallachia three times between 1448 and his death. He was the second son of Vlad Dracul, who became the ruler of Wallachia in 1436.

Born: 1431, Sighișoara, Romania

Died: December 1476, Bucharest, Romania

Full name: Vlad III

Buried: Comana Monastery, Comana, Romania

Spouse: Justina Szilágyi

Children: Mihnea cel Rău, Vlad IV Dracula, Zaleska

Some of these images are re mastered digitally, others are as they are, mostly oils on canvas or board. Some are for sale For more information e-mail me

Michael Nicolson


Subject Artwork

Hope you like my style

I can also redo any painting or photograph you own to make it more interesting.

Just E-Mail me for price

Pastel drawing of my son Michael

Amy Whitehouse Painted by my brother James nicolson